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West Michigan's Premier Slush Rental Company based in Grand Rapids Michigan specializes in slush machine rentals (also known as margarita machines)! We pride ourselves in being the best in the business. Parties, corporate events, or special occasions, heat up your party & cool off your guests! No ice, no mess, and most of all, no headaches (Except for possibly a totally worth it sphenopalatine ganglioneuraigia). Give us a call today!

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Choose your favorite flavors!!
We do not deliver, you will need to pick up at our shop
$160 (plus tax)

Rental includes a double hopper slush machine. You can do two flavors or the same flavor in both hoppers. Rental includes 2 bottles of slush concentrate.

Regular slush mix makes 40 - 10 ounce drinks per bottle. Bar mixes (Royale Brands) make 33 - 10 ounce drinks per bottle.

Additional mixes $22.50 per bottle. Recommend 1 bottle per 20 guests – can be returned if unopened. Your guests don’t want you to run out so take a couple extra bottles just in case!

You are not allowed to use other mixes in our equipment. You must use our slush concentrates mixed to the proper ratios.

Transporting the slush machine

We are located just south of 36th street. Entrance is off Abbie Street. Back up unto the small ramp.

3882 Division Ave South, Wyoming, MI 49548.

The machine has to stand up (never lay down) and needs 31 inches of clearance (width and depth is never an issue). Most all SUV’s and hatchbacks meet this requirement. Please use a tape measure to verify you have a minimum of 31 inches in height.

The machine is 125 pounds and thus heavy and awkward to move. We will load the machine when you pick up and unload the machine when dropped off - but you are responsible for the safe transportation and handling of the slush machine into and out of and back into your vehicle. If you don’t have the people / muscle to lift and move the machine please don’t risk injury - we can not be liable for injuries that result. You will be responsible to return the machine in the condition that you received it.

When we load the machine we typically slide the machine up to the back seat to stabilize the machine. Please bring along cases of water, boxes or something of substance we can use to stabilize the sides of the machine.

Removing the slush machine from your vehicle. One strong person can move the machine (we will demonstrate at time of pick up) but two people work much better. Always carry the machine from the bottom and if you need to pull or slide always use the legs or base - never the plastic hoppers. Never grab, lift, or adjust the machine using the plastic hoppers. Always grab from the bottom of the machine. When sliding on your counter or table use the legs to push or pull.

You will need a strong table. The machine is 125 pounds empty and upwards of 150 pounds filled so the machine must be placed on a solid foundation. Many customers keep the machine in the garage and often place it on a workbench.

If you have a plastic Sam’s club type table we suggest placing a small piece of plywood under all four legs to disperse the weight or the legs could sink into the plastic. (You could also use a couple pieces of scrap 2 x 4’s)

Provide power via a standard 110V electric outlet.The machine pulls 14 amps so it needs to be on its own circuit. Extension cords should be avoided if possible. If you need to use one make sure it is short as possible and 12 or 14 gauge cord. We can provide a heavy duty extension cord for you to borrow.

Mixing the product. Even though the machine should take no more than 2 hours to freeze we strongly recommend getting it going as early as you can the day of your event.

Take pictures of the slush machine at your event and post them on our Facebook page!

Why are we the best at what we do? We take slush very seriously! True - this might be said jokingly but since 2006 we pride ourselves on making at least this part of your event run smoothly. We all know that an event with a nonfunctional slush machine can turn to immediate frustration, turmoil, and possibly even spark a revolt. (Trust me - I have taken phone calls from people who rented from other companies and are scrambling the day of the event when the machine isn’t working).

To Make Reservation

Email Us or text/call Norm at 616.802.4916

Please allow 2 weeks lead time if possible

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